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Organic Furniture Can Save the Planet

Living an organic lifestyle doesn’t pertain only to food. It extends to nearly every aspect of your life. That includes furniture. Finding natural furniture Portland sellers has never been easier. But what are some the advantages to this?

  1. Environmentally friendly: They help minimize waste because they last so long.
  2. Improves air quality: Synthetic and non-organic furniture release chemicals into the air and are unhygienic.
  3. Improves skin health: Synthetic and non-organic furniture may cause rashes and other skin related ailments because of the chemicals used in making them.
  4. Highly durable: Naturally made, organic furniture is long-lasting and can withstand the harshest of conditions. No need to tell the kids to stop jumping on the bed!
  5. Beautiful: Aesthetically pleasing, organic furniture can take on nearly any shape or size. From classically elegant to eclectic and modern, natural furniture appeals to everyone.

It’s not hard to see that the advantages to organic furniture are tremendous. Without chemicals, you can reduce your carbon footprint and really help preserve the environment for future generations.

Don’t let people tell you that it doesn’t matter. You already know it does. Humans are destroying the planet, and its high time we fought back. Give Mother Nature a break and do something that could actually help her. Cut the chemicals from every part of your life. Reduce the amount of waste you create.

And you don’t even have to compromise on design. Organic furniture looks the same synthetic. The only difference is your peace of mind and well-being. Do you want a happier, healthier family and planet? Do you want to do your part in conservation efforts? Visit your local natural furniture store and get on the right track. The only thing you have to lose is your carbon footprint. It’s a no brainer.

Keep Your Alcohol Cool This Winter, But Not Too Cool

The holiday season is upon us, and that means parties.  With all your friends and family around, it might be tempting to throw your alcohol into the freezer in order to get it cold fast.  While this isn’t generally harmful, it’s important not to forget it in there.

Wine and beer especially do not do well when frozen.  The alcohol might not freeze, but the water in the mixture certainly will.  This will create a slush and could ruin the flavor of your drink. 

But where are you going to put the alcohol if your fridge is full and your freezer is on the fritz?

Storing Beer and Wine Outside

Sticking your bottles in a snow bank sounds like an ingenious plan.  It’s cost effective, and doesn’t take up any of the space in your appliances.  This works out perfectly for the few hours that your party is taking place.

Just don’t forget it out there.  When the party is over, be sure to get those bottles inside.  Otherwise you’ll have a mess on your hands.  Water expands when it’s frozen, and it could shatter those bottles.

Let It Sit in the Trunk of Your Car

It’s so easy to leave things in the back of your car; especially when you’re at a party.  It’s also a convenient freezer if it’s cold enough outside.  As with the snow bank, don’t leave it out there too long.  There is nothing worse than smelling up the inside of your car and having to clean it out during a wintery night.

Just Get Your Freezer Repaired

The best way to avoid all this is to make sure your inside appliances are working correctly.  You can easily find Sub Zero appliance repair Miami services, or expert repair services in your area for your fridge brand, and get it fixed before your party.  No one wants to go outside to grab their liquor.  Just make room in your fridge, set your freezer to the appropriate temperature, and have a great party with no slush beers.