High End Mowers

Have you ever wondered why you can look at these golf greens and sports stadiums, and the grass is so great? The fact is that even though they will have talented people working on those greens, it is often the machines that are helping them take things over the edge. If you see a golf course and it just looks so great all the time, you will surely want to ask them what type of mower they are using. But the chances that they are using a regular mower that you would see being used to mow a residential lawn are very small.

jacobsen greens king 522

The reason why they would not use such a regular mower is because the quality of cut they need is so much more. The fact is that only something like the jacobsen greens king 522 could keep up with what is required. The very fact that you can see how beautiful the grass looks and you know that it is so even and so plush, means that the best machine was used. And the crew knew how to use that machine. But how much would such a machine cost? The answer is a few thousand dollars, at a minimum.

If you are thinking about what type of machine you need for your field, since you are managing a sports arena, we believe that checking out these high end mowers is the way to go. You are not going to want to waste your time with the ones that are substandard. It is just not a good idea. You will not be pleased at the output, and you will find that no matter how hard your gardener is working, they are just not going to get it perfect. It is only when they have the top machines that you are going to see these top results.